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In this application, you can request funding for the Housing Recovery Program, the Rebuild Grant, Mitigation Funding, the Housing Support Program, Unmet Needs, and the Boulder County Tax Rebate. Read more about these programs below.

Read about the programs

State of Colorado Housing Recovery Program (HRP) Rebuild and Mitigation

HRP offers traditional loans up to $50,000 or forgivable loans up to $100,000 to rebuild depending on household income. In addition, mitigation funding is available up to $30,000. For questions about the HRP program, email

Community Foundation Boulder County Rebuild Grant

Community Foundation Boulder County Rebuild Grant CFBC’s Rebuild Grant is $20,000 for eligible households. Households may qualify for additional funds based on income, dependents, and other factors. For questions about the CFBC Rebuild program, email

State of Colorado $5,000 Wind and Wildfire Protection Mitigation

Up to $5,000 grant is available for disaster mitigation measures (i.e., home hardening). For questions about the $5k mitigation program, email

Community Foundation Boulder County Housing Support

This is for households facing ALE (additional living expenses) expiration by their insurance company within 60 days of submitting this application. For questions about the Housing Support program, email

Community Foundation Boulder County Unmet Needs Grant

The CFBC Unmet Needs grants provide financial support to fire-impacted community members with immediate fundamental needs as a result of significant loss initiated by the Marshall Fire event. For questions about the Unmet Needs program, email

Boulder County Use Tax Rebate

The Boulder County Use Tax Rebate is intended to reimburse property owners who have chosen to rebuild their residence and have paid the County Use Tax through the permitting process. For questions about the HRP program, email

Other Applications

Colorado Energy Office Recovery Electrification Rebate

This rebate is for households impacted by disasters since 2018 for houses that were destroyed or damaged in areas of a state or federally-declared disaster. Residents may qualify for up to $20,000 in rebates for the installation of one of the options: 1) A cold climate heat pump, electric or induction stove and a heat pump water heater; 2) A ground source (geothermal) heat pump, electric or induction stove and a heat pump water heater; and 3) Installation of a ground source (geothermal) heat pump only.

Application Currently Under Construction – Come Back Soon

State of Colorado Landlord Recovery Program

Coming Soon in 2024

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If you need in-person assistance, the Recovery Navigators (website here) are helping applicants submit applications. They are located at the Marshall ROC Recovery Center at 357 McCaslin Blvd., suite 115B, Louisville, CO 80027. The Recovery Navigators will be available for intake assistance through March 2024. Starting April 1, Marshall ROC will provide in-person assistance with applications and resource referrals at the Marshall ROC Recovery Center.

The Impact Development Fund Disaster Recovery Team is working with the Recovery Navigators on the transition of these clients. Also, members of IDF’s Disaster Recovery Intake Team will be available for some onsite intake office hours and events to assist applicants in-person. When the dates and locations are finalized, these events will be announced on the website here.

It depends on which program you are applying for. If you are applying for multiple programs, you will receive different response rates for each program of your application. If all required documentation is provided and sufficient, Unmet Needs and the Housing Support program will most likely take 1-3 weeks. Fundings typically take place the same month of application. The Boulder County Tax Rebate and Wind and Wildfire Mitigation Grants have been recently recovering from a backlog, and now in February of 2024, we are estimating that from new application, they are currently taking 2-4 weeks when all required documentation is provided and sufficient.

For the State of Colorado Housing Recovery Program and Community Foundation of Boulder County Rebuild Grant program, we have experienced an extremely high volume of applications over the last several months. These programs are often taking a few months to process and underwrite. In 2024, we have added additional staff to both of these programs, and the team is working tirelessly to process applications and distribute awards as quick as possible. Thank you very much for your patience.

The Colorado Energy Office’s Electrification Rebate is also working through a large list of applications, and the approval to disbursed funds process is currently taking a few months.

If you ever have any questions about where your applications are at in the process, you can email the program emails directly for the specific program you are interested in OR you can submit the contact form on the Impact Development Fund website, and we will get back to you with a report on the status of all your applications.

Disagree with a funding denial?
You can open an appeal for the Housing Recovery Program and the Rebuild Grant Program.